Thursday, August 17, 2006


its not my fault

Scientists have determined that having guilty feelings may
actually damage your immune system.

Go Ahead, Have Another Chocolate

Having an over-developed sense of guilt, could be, if not
the death of you, at least damaging to your health. This was
the conclusion of researchers at a British University, who
in 2000, surveyed 30 students, and asked them to list the
things that gave them pleasure, and rate that pleasure along
with the guilt level associated with each one. Ratings were
to range from 1-10.

Scientists then tested the saliva of all 30 students, for
the presence of immunoglobulin A, which is an antibody that
constitutes the human body's first defense against

Those students who had consistently high guilt ratings, had
the lowest levels of the antibody, a result that prompted
the research team to conclude that continuous feelings of
guilt would over time, suppress the body's immune system.

Activities listed as causing the most guilt reactions,
included sleeping in late, eating chocolate, smoking and
drinking alcohol. Surprisingly, while sex had a 9 average
rating for pleasure, it earned only a 1.6 guilt average.
Reading a book consistently rated high for pleasure, with no
feelings of guilt.

The most interesting result, was in the activity that rated
a ten for guilt, and only a 7 for pleasure. It was watching
a well-known soap opera.


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